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Selenium Tutorials

Selenium Summary

Selenium is a popular open-source automated testing suite for web applications across different browsers and platforms web based automation tool. Our Training will provide you to become pro in Selenium Automation by practical implementation and leveraging of each functionality.

Selenium Basics

Selenium Tutorial – Basics

  1. Introduction to Selenium

Installations and Configurations

  1. Java Installation
  2. Eclipse Installation and confiugaration
  3. Selenium Jars download and Configurations in Eclipse
  4. Running a Sample Program

Java OOPS Basics for Selenium

  1. Interface Concepts
  2. Practical Usage of Interface
  3. Runtime Polymorphism
  4. Inheritance Concepts
  5. Practical usage of Inheritance
  6. Coding Practice Basics-1
  7. Coding Practice Basics-2

Basic Concepts for first Webdriver program

  1. Webdriver Interface explanation
  2. Different available browser Drivers
  3. Available Methods of Webdriver
  4. How to run tests in Google Chrome
  5. How to run tests in Internet Explorer

Locator Techniques /Object Identification

  1. Installing Firebug, Firepath in Mozilla Firefox
  2. Locator Techniques-1 Xpath,ID,tagName
  3. Locator Techniques-2 className.name,Linktext

Advanced Ways-locating objects

  1. Writing Customized xpath
  2. Css Selectors locators

Famous Interview questions in Selenium Basics

Selenium Intermediate

Techniques to automate/handle Web UI

  1. Handle dropdowns
  2. Dropdown methods-real time example
  3. Handling Java Alerts ,Popups- real time example
  4. Handling Radiobuttons,Checkboxes
  5. List technique to handle radio buttons -Real time example
  6. Selection, Deselection,Enabling, disabling explanation

Techniques to automate Advanced Web UI

  1. Handling AjaxMouse Interactions
  2. Actions class-real time example
  3. Handling Multiple Windows
  4. Window Handle concepts-real time example
  5. Handling ul li Tags in Selenium
  6. How to handle Frames
  7. Frames Techniques-real time example

Real Time Exercises end to end Programming

  1. Limiting Webdriver scope
  2. Getting Count of links int the pages,sections
  3. Dynamic data in Websites
  4. Dynamic Links Handling
  5. Validations checkpoints

Famous Interview questions in Selenium Intermeditate

Selenium Advanced

Cross Browser Testing with Selenium Grid

  1. How to execute Selenium Tests Remotely
  2. Grid Concepts Architecure
  3. Configuring Hub and Node-1
  4. Registering Nodes with Hub Server
  5. Desired Capabilities-Grid Program
  6. Execution Selenium scripts in Remote Machine

Cloud Testing with Selenium-Sauce Labs

  1. Cloud Testing Basics and Vendors which supports them
  2. Sauce Labs registration for Connectivity
  3. Desired Capabilities Concepts and Test code steps
  4. Running Selenium Testcases on Cloud

Performance Testing on Selenium Testcases

  1. How can we perform Load Testing on Selenium Webdriver Scripts
  2. Integrating Selenium Testcases with Performance Testing tool
  3. Running Selenium Testcases on Headless browser for optimal performance

Automation Frameworks

Framework Part - TestNG

  1. Why TestNG and Its Advantages
  2. TestNG Installation and Setup in Eclipse
  3. TestNG Annotations Part -1
  4. TestNG Annotations Part-2
  5. TestNG Annotations Part-3
  6. Prioritizing the tests using TestNG
  7. Disabling Enabling the Testcases and putting Timeout
  8. Importance of TestNG xml file
  9. Importance of Groups in TestNG
  10. Data driving Testing with TestNG
  11. DataProvider Annotation -Parameterizing Testcases
  12. Parameterising from TestNG xml file

Framework Part -Data driven Framework

  1. Why we should not hard code the data
  2. How to write Global parameters with java code
  3. Data driving parametirization from Properties file
  4. How to deal with Reusable Components

Build Management Tool

Framework part - Maven-Build Management Tool

  1. What is Build Management tool
  2. Installing & configuring Maven
  3. Understanding POM.xml file
  4. Different Maven Commands to trigger framework

Framework Part -Generating XSLT Reports

  1. Downloading and Configuring Xslt reports
  2. Report Generation using XSLT

Framework Part -Jenkins- CI Tool

Continous Integration Tools

Jenkins- CI Tool

  1. Installing Configuring Jenkins with Java and ANT
  2. Customizing Jenkins configuration
  3. Running the Framework and Scheduling it from Jenkins