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Serenity BDD Tutorials

Summary about Course

Behaviour Driven Development, or BDD, is an extremely effective software delivery practice that helps teams collaborate better and focus on delivering features that really matter. Cucumber is by far the most widely-used BDD tool in the market.

SerenityBDD adds world-class living documentation and reporting, and makes it easier for teams to automate their BDD acceptance criteria using robust and sustainable test automation practices in Java. Together, they make a powerful combination.

Course | Table of Contents

  1. Writing robust step definition methods
  1. Writing high quality scenarios
  1. Advanced Gherkin - using data tables and scenario outlines
  1. Test automation architectures for real-world application - combining Cucumber and Serenity for more sustainable test suites
  1. Organizing your test suites - using tags and requirements hierarchies
  1. Writing better automated web tests in Java with Serenity BDD and Cucumber
  1. Testing REST APIs with Cucumber, Rest Assured and Serenity
  1. Cucumber and the Screenplay pattern
  1. Advanced WebDriver integration
  1. Running Remote tests on Appium, SauceLabs , Mobile Devices with Appium and on BrowserStack
  1. Integrating with JIRA
  1. Running Serenity tests in parallel batches - Jenkins Integrations
  1. Importing test results from external sources