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Summary about Course

At the end of this Course you will be able to understand what the Webservices are, and their functionality,

You will learn How to test Webservices(Soap XML and REST API) using SoapUI including their reporting

You will understand the importance of automating services

You will learn new language called groovy to automate webservices and will be able to develop robust automation testcases

You will understand the importance and procedure of Mocking the webservices

You will learn basic sql concepts and procedure for database testing using SoapUI

Will get clear picture on Security Testing using SoapUI

WebServices– Basics

  1. Introduction to WebServices
  2. WebServices Architecture

WebServices Concepts

  1. What are Webservices?
  2. Types of WebServices
  3. Soap Protocol Explanation & WSDL Introduction
  4. Rest Architecture
  5. What are Rest API' - GET, POST, PUT & DELETE & Examples

SoapUI Installation/Documentation

  1. WebService Example
  2. Creating Testsuites and testcases
  3. Local Webservice installation for practise
  4. Explaining Webservice operations in detail

Testing(Manual)Webservices with SoapUI Free Version

  1. Basic Assertions
  2. Advanced Assertions
  3. Xpath assertions in detail
  4. Properties Access
  5. Advanced Properties
  6. Properties Transfer concepts
  7. Excercises

Groovy Language Basics

  1. Groovy operators,DataTypes
  2. Loops,Arrays,List
  3. Basic Programmes

Automation Testing using Groovy

  1. Creating Groovy Testcase
  2. Context Variable Scope
  3. Parsing XML's wth Eviware API
  4. TestRunner Variable usage
  5. Coding Exercises-1
  6. Coding Exercises-2
  7. Coding Excersies-3

Soap UI PRO Features

  1. Data Source
  2. Data Sink
  3. Data Driven Testing
  4. DatGen types
  5. Testcase Debugging,Breakpoints

Validate XML Response using XML Path

  1. Extracting Response Information using XML Path Part 1
  2. Extracting Response Information using XML Path Part 2

Testing REST API and reporting

  1. REST API concepts
  2. How to test REST API
  3. Authentication (OAuth2.0) with Paypal Payment Web Service (SANDBOX ENVIRONMENT)
  4. Introduction to PayPal Web Services
  5. Creating Paypal Developer accounts & Testing App
  6. Usage of OAuth 2.0 in Paypal
  7. Creating Payment/Requesting Payments in Paypal using POSTMAN
  8. Obtaining the session token from Paypal OAuth server using REST Assured
  9. Creating payment in PayPal by posting body as String
  10. Creating POJO Files for Payment
  11. Creating Payment Object from POJO Files
  12. Creating payment in PayPal with Payment Object
  13. Getting payment information in PayPal using GET Request (REST Assured)
  14. Reporting Techniques
  15. Jasper Reports and WebRecording

REST API samples from SoapUI official site

  1. Using Script Assertions window methods
  2. MessageExchange, Context variables usage
  3. Declaring Namespaces for effective xpath identification
  4. End to end examples on REST API -1
  5. End to end examples on REST API -2
  6. Code xml download

Mocking the Service

  1. What is Mocking?
  2. Mocking usage in real time
  3. Mock operations,Requests
  4. Dynamic Mocking

Java API driving and Security Testing with Soap UI

  1. Calculator webservice Example
  2. List of Security Threats
  3. Security Testcases
  4. Security Testing-Practical example
  5. Creating SoapUI Project in Eclipse
  6. Running Soap UI Scripts from Eclipse

Database Testing with SoapUI

  1. DataBase concepts
  2. Creating Database from scratch
  3. SoapUI Jdbc connection
  4. SQL Queries Testing with SoapUI feautures
  5. SQL Builder- SoapUI Pro

Load Testing on REST API & Using Jmeter

  1. Performance Testing tool used for Testing REST API
  2. Putting Load on REST Calls
  3. Interview Questions

Introduction to SQL Queries

  1. Introduction to SQL and MySQL
  2. Downloading MySQL server with workbench
  3. Overview of SQL Editor with basic features
  4. Creating Database and pointing to it
  5. Creating Tables in database
  6. Inserting records into Table
  7. Retrieving records from the Table
  8. Select Distinct keyword in queris
  9. SQL WHERE command usage
  10. Logical operators on Queries AND|OR
  11. Logical operators 'In' 'Between'
  12. Regular expressions Introduction
  13. Wild cards usage in Qeuries
  14. SQL glossary on discussed topics